Breaking bread with friends and family is a time honored tradition practiced by countless families, friends, shopkeeps, and individuals
throughout history; one does not enter our home without being offered a share of what's been baking in the ovens! We invite you to bring
our breads home to your loved ones and start your very own tradition of breaking bread! Many mainstream gluten free breads are grainy,
full of holes, and only about 10 ounces in weight.  Our gluten free breads are soft and spongy like fresh bread should be, are made with the
highest quality ingredients out there, and are 2.5lb loaves!  So, don't give up and time honored tradition just because you have an allergy or
an intolerance! Autoimmune disorder be damned; we will eat our bread and enjoy it too!!!  We offer a wide variety of gluten free breads
that cater to a number of diet
ary resctrictions and most are low FODMAP!!!! If you don't see something that fits your restrictions, please
don't hesitate to contact us for customizations!
212 N. Washington
Eatonville, WA 98328
Gluten & Dairy Free Sourdough!!! 2.5-3lb Loaf
A "sourdough" is primarily a nickname used in the Alaska for someone having spent an entire winter north of the
Arctic Circle and refers to their tradition of protecting their sourdough starter during the coldest months by
keeping it close to their body. While we don't wear our sourdough starter under our clothes, we do care for it as if it
were the most precious thing around! We feed our sourdough with only the best organic flours! We alternate
feedings with organic whole grain sweet sorghum flour to add enzymes, additional nutrients, and a complexity and
richness to the finished loaf.
Gluten & Dairy Free Seeded Challah 2.5-3lb Loaf
Ditch that tasteless crumbly cardboard, your search for awesome gluten free sandwhich bread is over! So often you
get home after buying the yummiest looking gluten free bread only to discover something isn't quite right; either the
taste is off or the texture leaves much to be desired! Not with this loaf!!! It has the signature richness of a slightly
sweet eggy challah without all the gluten!  This loaf is enriched with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds,
poppyseeds, millet, amaranth, quinoa, and hemp seeds. Is wonderful sliced for sandwiches or toasted with butter
and jam...YUMMMMM
Gluten Free Vegan Type O 2.5-3lb Loaf
We created this bread for a number of our customers who are following the Eat Right For Your Blood Type
lifestyle!!! With a list of ingredients that are allowed, we got to work and created this tasty bread! This wonderfully
flavorful bread is silky in texture and delish as is, on a cold sandwich, or toasted; it is versatile and an amazing treat
for those with many food allergies!  We use  organic whole grain quinoa flours, tigernut flour, and flax seed meal to
add enzymes, additional nutrients, and a complexity and richness to the finished loaf. Our signature Type O Bread
comes in a 2.5-3lb  loaf and packs a protein filled punch!!!